Express Poem

Express Poem

EXPRESS POEM - No-one will ever know that you forgot your anniversary! (We will keep your secret!)


We have all been there, time goes by so fast and suddenly the date that was months away, is here. But we have got your back, no matter whether it is an anniversary, a birthday, a wedding gift, someone is leaving or any other eventuality, we can write a personalised poem and get it delivered to your inbox within a few hour. We guarantee same day delivery if ordered before 6pm.

If you order after 6pm, we will make sure you have it in your inbox by 12 noon the following day.


What information do you need to provide?

Tell us your stories about the recipient, let us know the occasion it is needed for and any messages you would like us to capture as part of the poem.


Send us your stories (with your order number) to


How will you receive the poem?

For a digital version, we will share this will you via email. We will use the email address used to purchase the poem, if you would like it sent somewhere else, please contact us at

    Digital Version
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