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A beautiful wedding poem - It all started with 'hello'

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

This is a little story of how a lovely couple met.

It is called: It all started with 'hello'

I dragged myself out of bed 6.30 am start filled me with dread The train was at 8 I couldn't be late 'I couldn't be a milkman' I said

Arriving at birmingham new street The rain stung my cheeks, it'd started to sleet 20 minutes to spare, why did I worry I'll pop and get breakfast, if I hurry No worries I have reserved a seat

Stood on the platform hugging my coffee I hear the voice of a native aussie I turned round to see A the man look at me I thought 'he is a hottie'

Gripping my ticket, my knuckles turned white I have reserved a seat, I will be alright The train pulled in The crowd made a din At last my carriage was in sight

I sat down, the seat next to me was free I eyed the crowd for the fit aussie There he was joining the train I felt my blood pump through my veins He walked towards me. And I smiled with glee

Now he is sat next to me I suddenly realised i was desperate for a wee When the train moved out I tapped his arm and with a bit of a pout I asked him to look after my stuff while I pee

On my return, I awkwardly smiled And blushed silently like a child Back in my seat I started to eat I'm glad my food smelled mild

40 minutes passed, our head in our phones Then suddenly, I felt myself say hello What are you doing? my subconscious said Say something else my inner self pled How are you? My cheeks began to glow

The rest ot the journey was filled with chat About our lives and our love of cats When we arrived in London Town I felt my face turn to a frown We exchanged numbers and that was that

So 5 years later, our family will grow On our wedding day, surrounded by snow The love of my life And now I am your wife All because I said 'hello'

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