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Remembrance Sunday Poem

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

I wrote this poem on 11th November 2018, on the 100th anniversary of the First World War. I wanted to capture how much sacrifice was given and honour those who fought in the First World War.

Please think of them as you read this.

In honour of Remembrance Sunday

2018 signals 100 years past Since the first world war took its last 21 million wounded, 20 million dead Many lives were taken, the fields turned red

Allied versus Central powers Trenches dug for hours and hours Mud, rats and overflowing loos Lice, stale biscuits and watery stews

'I love you son', it said in the letter 'I cant wait to see you when things get better' 'Don't worry about me, mum, I'll be alright' 'As long as I stay out of the enemies sight'

Those that returned were not quite complete From sickness, wounds or PTSD The mental wounds considered you weak Transported back to when times were so bleak

Conscription meant men in pretty good health Were sent from home to fight in hell To kill or be killed by his fellow men Morning to evening, again and again

They weren't alone, they had mans best friend Horses, pigeons, goldfish till the end The sacrifices made are too many to mention The amount of lives lost is beyond comprehension

Thank you for your strength and giving your life I am so sorry you didn't return to your wife The casualties and losses, fills me with regret At 11 on the 11th, lest we forget.

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