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A Memorial Service Poem

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

I was so thankful to be asked to write this poem, it is based on stories from all of the Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren of a wonderful woman named Daisy. This was read out by one of her sons at her Memorial Service.

It was called: It's a lovely day

Nan, We wrote this poem for you to keep As you lie peacefully asleep

To share some of our memories Of a life that lived into the nineties

In the garden, at mount road, we would play 'Time for Dinner' the garden bell would say

In to the kitchen, we would all plunge Just to hear you say 'I've made Victoria sponge'

And every time, you would accompany A nice slice of sponge, with a hot cup of tea

A chat followed by your beautiful smile Would make us travel to see you for miles and miles

Everyone is welcome, most would stay 'Shall I put the kettle on?' You would say

If there was an outing, you had to know, Which outfit looked best, with a fashion show

They could be hours or days or months in advance 'Does it make me look old?', we would say 'not a chance'

Day trip or evening, there was always a story Like falling backwards whilst weeing and showing all your glory

Going to restaurants was always a delight Whether a full buffet spread or a quick bite

Decisions, decisions 'what are you having?' Followed by 'nice food, shame I can't taste anything'

We loved your stories from sainburys to singers What made them so special was the 'Daisy finger'

You were the heart of the family, and joined as we played cricket, croquet and especially yahtzee

You could feed the 5000 with just Christmas dinner But come 9pm, the buffet stopped us getting thinner

Food at mount road wasn't complete without a Trifle Christmas supper left us, tired and feeling idle.

The food gave us energy for the fun after For silly games and lots of laughter

From swinging a pencil to an initiation or two Memories were made, because of you

So many songs, we learnt wrong From, the Lift goes up where we belong

To Its a hard egg and Tie a yellow ribbon round the old mill stream We didn't know the words but we knew the theme

From Farting when laughing or even when walking You'd mutter 'oh excuse me!'

To being a young 85 year old and saying 'I am not going to that day centre it's full of OAPs'

The memories you have given us from childhood to now Have made us who we are and you should take a bow

But most of all, we wrote this poem to say thankyou Not just from us but from all the family too

For the wisdom and knowledge you once shared For showing you loved us and that you cared

We wrote this poem to say goodbye As you watch us from up high

We remember all the fun times we had As our friend and as our Nan

And we miss you more than words can say We hope we can meet again someday

Just to see you open the curtains and say It's a lovely day

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