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A Day of Climate Strikes

This was written in honour of the climate strikes that are happening all over the UK today. Whether you agree with the methods or not, the issue is real and needs highlighting. So here is my bit:

Today marks a day of strikes

For people to wake up to the emergency

Turning down heating or riding our bikes

Isn’t enough given the urgency

People are standing up today

For a planet with no voice

To make the message clear and say

Save the planet, we have no choice

We can all do our little bit

In making changes to help out

But we need those, who currently sit

In high up positions to shout

This is an emergency,
all hands on deck
We can’t be lazy
We can’t waste even a sec

The planet is warming,

Sea levels are rising

We had fair warning

So it's hardly surprising

This is what it’s come to

Marching in the streets

We hope it gets through to

The people we’d like to meet

We need to take action

And we need to take it now

We don’t need any distraction

We need to act NOW

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